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"Yellow pages" originated in North America, 1880, the world's first telephone directory yellow pages came in the United States has more than 100 years of history. Yellow Pages is an international product categories according to the nature and arrangement of corporate industrial and commercial enterprises telephone directory, to publish business name, address, telephone number as the main content, the equivalent of a city or area businesses account the international practice of paper printed with a yellow system, hence the name Yellow Pages.

The so-called "Yellow Pages" is moved to the traditional yellow pages online, using the Internet as a carrier, online distribution, transmission, application of the telephone directory. But "Yellow Pages" is not a replica of the traditional Yellow Pages, which are more extensive, more diverse services. It has the traditional advantages unmatched by the Yellow Pages. At present it with 114 telephone directory assistance, traditional Yellow Pages telephone number the city together the three main ways to search queries. Its future development direction, it will stand out from the three ways, as people check telephone numbers, access to customer information, the best query tool.

Internet Yellow Pages from various information channels, such as statistical department, management department, Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry Bureau, industry associations, financial institutions, corporate information publications, yellow pages, exhibition catalog, print media, the Internet, various List of publications.

What are the characteristics of us yellow pages of new 86802.com?

1. Yellow Pages is an authoritative, high recognition rate media repository
The nature of the media watch, yellow pages is essentially a communication tool, community information database. In addition to find the phone number as the role of communication media, the It is a community information database, it is as understanding of local political, economic, cultural, living, market the role of social information tool. As the information base, tools, construction, preparation of very high scientific and accuracy, the spread of the practice in the long form of the "dissemination of contractual relations" under the action had made the release of the information it has higher authority, the public he has a very high confidence. For example, according to survey U.S. Yellow Pages advertising and other book information, identity number as high as 99%. Such a high recognition rate of other types of mass media can not be compared. Yellow Pages is an authoritative, high recognition rate of the information base, a marketing communication in the integration of the media has a unique advantage. Has extensive coverage of space, released a long time; release speed, Gengxin convenience, as a consumer purchasing decision terminal link, in promoting the unique status of the process of purchase inquiries fast and convenient, cost-effective large, also has more practical features of value-added services

2. Yellow Pages is a kind of integrated marketing communication medium has unique advantages
From the perspective of integrated marketing communication, Yellow Pages, as a think-tank media, play an important role, compared with other media, has the following advantages:

3. Covering space wide, released a long time
Yellow pages business coverage to almost 80 percent. Through business development, the Yellow Pages can be completely covered by its services to the city, the community of all companies or all companies within a particular domain. Yellow Pages can be used at any time. Such a high coverage of space, such a long time continue to release radio, television, newspapers and other media can not achieve.

4. Release fast, easy updates
Business-related information submitted, we can immediately see the Internet. Updated in a timely manner, your registration materials, any changes, we can immediately change will not delay carrying out their business. Can be flexibly used to carry out corporate image advertising, marketing, advertising and other promotional and public relations communication. 5. As a consumer purchasing decision terminal link, in promoting the unique status of the process of buying behavior
Yellow Pages is to provide the most direct contact information for businesses and consumers a way to communicate the media. Its content, the yellow pages and people's lives very closely, it provides the most direct contact with the telephone number of the way of information, and incorporated into the ordinary domestic life and consumption elements of information required include: basic necessities, entertainment, sports and fitness, education, medical drugs, transportation and communication, benefits, travel, shopping, close to public life, and the convenience of life, consumer convenience, plays guide to public life, the role of consumer guide. Thus, most of the media advertising information directly to the audience to show the spread of different ways, Yellow Pages advertising and other commercial information released is entirely follow the consumer purchase intention, consumers find the phone number, the timely provision of relevant business information to a consumer purchasing decision terminal link, to eventually the role of consumer behavior. Can be seen in the consumer purchase decision-making process, often in a very unique position to play a unique role.

6. At present, China's Yellow Pages also has exclusive information dissemination on the edge
The current mass media has entered a Classification, newspapers, television, radio and other media quickly broken down, the same in an increasingly competitive. For example, in many parts of our country has been able to receive more than 30 TV channels, next year, with broadband technology facilities in use can receive over 100 channels. Is regular, a lot of reading of newspapers have more than a dozen homes, while present, China's Yellow Pages Zaiqi Fugaiquyu Neitong Chang Huan Zhi Shi an exclusive, Tongguozheyi Chuanboqudao release business information and advertisements, Buyong worry is similar Meiti information Yangai.

7. Inquiries quickly and easily
In order to facilitate business enterprises from tens of thousands of queries to the ideal partner, we designed a keyword search, fuzzy query, query and other advanced ways to search, you only know a little bit of business information, even if only the phone number Some figures about the location, etc., can easily be found.

8. Yellow Pages is a cost-effective large media
According to the survey data show: Yellow Pages published by the cost of various business information is clearly much lower than other networks of mass media. Merchants force survey results from the media can be seen: the Yellow Pages for customers is the most convenient choice for the most direct media inquiries; from investment and commercial interests can be brought directly to see, the yellow is called cheap.

9. Yellow Pages also has more practical value-added services
Yellow Pages sites are generally introduced to meet the user requirements and other value-added services, all content is related to the implementation of customer section. Internet users according to their needs, in relevant part in the release of some information. For example, in Harbin, introduced the Yellow Pages "information delivery" section in this column can be released within a customer discount, recruitment, recruitment, leasing and other information.

10. Comparison of search engines and Yellow Pages
a. Yellow Pages(86802.com) is the human editors. search engine is automatically ranked Spider
b. Search engines crawl the web. Yellow Pages is a search site
c. Search engine update faster, slower Yellow Pages update
d. Compared with the search engine included, the threshold was higher Yellow Pages Indexed
e. yellow pages for search engines to provide data, by the Yellow Pages or your good. but there are still many people use the Yellow Pages

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