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Bowden John A(334-227-4664)
Hughen Lawrence(334-874-7711)
Hughen Lawrence(334-874-7711)
Thompson Bobby(334-872-1938)
Hayneville Aoh Ch of God(334-563-9291)
Means Robert(334-563-7497)
Murphy Hosie L(334-563-7256)
Rudolph Penny(334-563-7464)
Barlow Wanda(334-563-7885)
Boykin Reverend P(334-563-9784)
Blackmon Minnie D(334-563-7418)
Blackmon Minnie D(334-563-7418)
Smith Agnita(334-563-7512)
Smith Willie J(334-563-7512)
Hayes Doris(334-563-7731)
Sellers Ada L(334-563-7770)
Rudolph Morris T(334-563-7622)
Williams Linda(334-563-7706)
Williams Lynn(334-563-7977)
Gordon Lola(334-563-7837)
Moorer Essie L(334-563-7688)
Lawson Archie E(334-563-9232)
Perryman Traci(334-563-7165)
Coleman Andrea(334-563-7037)
Reed Willie SR(334-563-7763)
Coley Arthurine(334-563-7794)
Coley G G(334-563-7741)
Coley Lois(334-563-7741)
Grant Annie L(334-563-9146)
Moorer Linda(334-563-7199)
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