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Adams J O(478-962-3739)
Newell Marion H(229-467-9352)
Newell Marion H(229-467-9352)
Helms Bobby(229-467-2413)
Johnson Marla(229-467-9229)
Johnson Stacy(229-467-9229)
Helms Rhonda(229-467-2414)
Helms Steven(229-467-2414)
Brantley Joani(229-467-2408)
Brantley Robert(229-467-2408)
Lawson Linda L(229-467-2491)
Bryant Autry D(229-467-2992)
Evers Andrew(229-467-9752)
Evers Julie(229-467-9752)
Craft Julie(229-467-2855)
Evers Connie(229-467-2570)
Reid George R(229-467-2050)
Tanner Ronald(229-467-2033)
Clark Karen(229-467-9374)
Martin Misty(229-467-9770)
Davis Chad(229-467-2881)
Victory Tabernacle of Georgia(229-467-2529)
Day T R(229-467-2748)
Hicks Ray(229-399-9933)
Fanner Carol(229-467-9769)
Fanner Jerry(229-467-9769)
McCall Charles(229-467-2292)
Dennard Melissa(229-467-2479)
Young Marvin(229-467-2064)
Smith Jaleisa(229-467-9703)
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