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Shumaker Kenneth R(304-949-1659)
Farley Michelle R(304-949-4963)
Barton M J(304-949-6936)
Owens Jeffrey(304-949-5477)
Stone M(304-949-1505)
Webb Donald L(304-949-1069)
Brown Gregory(304-949-2669)
Brown Sheri(304-949-2669)
Slayton Michael W(304-949-1674)
Dozier Jeffrey K(304-949-6436)
Winter Jimmy D(304-949-3552)
Ferguson Maxie L(304-949-2163)
Siders Roy A(304-949-5114)
Brown Chad(304-949-4411)
Brown Connor(304-949-4242)
Brown R(304-949-3341)
Rinehart Millie(304-949-2020)
Hoover Harold(304-949-3698)
Hoover Kimberly(304-949-3698)
Brown William R(304-949-1870)
Dyer Jimmy(304-949-5432)
Dean Craig(304-949-4915)
Maranatha Outreach Church(304-949-3021)
Dunlap Mary A(304-949-2135)
Pizza Express(304-949-6797)
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service of Bell(304-949-4012)
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service of Bell(304-949-4012)
Arthur's Insurance Agency(304-949-1480)
H & R Block(304-949-2983)
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